AZ Tax Credit

Give to God's Vast Resources...

    and help provide food and clothing to Tucson's less fortunate


     GVR is qualified as a Charitable Organization. That means you can make a donation – for tax year 2020 up to $400 for singles and $800 filing jointly – and claim a tax credit on your Arizona tax return.  You have until April15th to donate for tax year 2020!


If you owe Arizona taxes, you can subtract your donation and pay that much less in taxes.  If you don’t owe this year, the credit can be carried over for 5 years!  If you have already donated to help someone with school tuition, don’t worry you can still donate to GVR.  Arizona allows for both! 


GVR needs your help in order to continue feeding and clothing those less fortunate right here in Tucson.  Please consider a donation today.


Benefit the entire community. Keep your tax dollars LOCAL!


Click Here for More Information from the AZ Dept of Revenue